SP65203 Power Divider 2 way 8.0-60.0 Ghz

The SP65203 is a wide band Wilkinson microwave 2 way 1.85mm power divider-splitter that covers the frequency range of 8.0-60.0 Ghz. A Wilkinson power divider-combiner will divide a signal or combine two signals with a nominal-theoretical loss of 3.0 dB and isolation provided between output ports. The RF power divider can also be used as 1.85mm coaxial power combiner under certain conditions. This RF coaxial 1.85mm power divider-splitter has a 50 Ohm nominal impedance and a maximum input power of 10 Watts as a divider. The connectors for this RF power divider-splitter is 1.85mm female at the input port and 1.85mm female at the output ports. This Wilkinson power divider-combiner is optimized for wide bandwidth with high isolation, low insertion loss, good VSWR match and excellent phase and amplitude balance.

Data Sheet: View PDF file for Dimensions and Specifications.

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