Adapters Coaxial

Adapter Type Panel Mount Option Frequency Part Number

In Line Series Type

Panel Mount 4 Hole Flange Panel Mount 65  Ghz
Bulkhead Mount Bulkhead 40  Ghz
SMA-SMA Right angle 27  Ghz SAR61 - SAR63
SMA - SMA Panel Mount 27  Ghz SA100 - SA104
3.5mm-3.5mm Panel Mount 33  Ghz SA105 - SA108
2.92mm-2.92mm Right angle 40  Ghz SAR51 - SAR53
2.92mm-2.92mm Panel Mount 40  Ghz SA109 - SA115
2.4mm-2.4mm Panel Mount 50  Ghz SA116 - SA119
1.85mm-1.85mm 65  Ghz SA120 - SA122
N-N Panel Mount 18  Ghz SA123 - SA127
TNCA-TNCA 18  Ghz SA131 - SA133

In Between Series Type

APC-7 or 7mm 18  Ghz SA134 - SA137
N-3.5mm 18  Ghz SA138- SA141
N-2.92mm 18  Ghz SA142 - SA145
N-2.4mm 18  Ghz SA146 - SA149
N-TNCA 18  Ghz SA154 - SA157
N-SMA 18  Ghz SA158 - SA164
3.5mm-2.92mm Panel Mount 33  Ghz SA165 - SA169
3.5mm-2.4mm 33  Ghz SA170 - SA173
3.5mm-1.85mm 33  Ghz SA174 - SA177
3.5mm-SMA 33  Ghz SA178 - SA181
2.92mm-2.4mm Panel Mount 40  Ghz SA182 - SA186
2.92mm-1.85mm 40  Ghz SA187 - SA190
2.92mm-SMA 27  Ghz SA191 - SA194
2.4mm-1.85mm 50  Ghz SA195 - SA198
2.4mm-SMA 27  Ghz SA199 - SA202
TNC-SMA 11  Ghz SA203 - SA206
TNCA-SMA 18  Ghz SA207 - SA210

Microwave RF coaxial adapters SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 1.85mm, N, TNC, APC-7

Coaxial adapters 2.92mm have same geometry as K or SMK adapters

Coaxial adapters 2.4mm have same geometry as 1.85mm or V adapters

In series and in between series microwave adapters

Panel mount flange 4 Hole coaxial adapters

Series or between series Adapters are cost effective solutions for applications that require the mating of two different RF interfaces while maintaining good electrical performance. SigaTek offers a wide selection of these adapters to meet any challenging application for frequencies up to 65 Ghz.
SigaTek offers a variety of microwave RF adapters in series male-female and in between series male-female. These adapters are designed for high performance applications with SU303 Polished Passivated stainless steel body and the Center Condact is Beryllium Copper Gold plated.

RF coaxial adapters up to 65 Ghz SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 1.85mm, N, TNC,APC-7